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Are you visiting Athens anytime soon? There is so much to see in this beautiful city, which is very vegan friendly if you know where to look. In this post, I list my favourite vegan places to eat in Athens. It includes some healthy options, some not-so healthy options, and most importantly: some amazing places that offer plant-based varieties of traditional Greek cuisine.

1. Ice Queen Gelato

Athens has several places that serve dairy-free ice cream, but this is the only place that has vegan waffles, too. I enjoyed a waffle with Nutella sauce, hazelnut ice cream and chocolate ice cream. Their vegan flavours include many fruit flavours, espresso, chocolate and hazelnut.

2. Lukumades

Lukumades are a typical Greek treat. They are small, fried dough balls that are served in a paper basket with various toppings. Very similar to a Dutch treat called ‘oliebollen’, except the Greek stick to their culinary sanity and don’t put raisins in them. Instead, they top them with ice cream, chocolate sauce, nuts and the like. Delicious.

3. Happy Blender

A juice bar offering various freshly made juices and healthy bowls, including açai. What more can I say. My holiday feels incomplete if I haven’t had açai at least once. And the staff is super friendly.

4. Full Spoon

Another ice cream shop with varying daily vegan options. The vegan flavours include fig, chocolate, ginger, pistachio, forest fruits, orange limoncello and lime. Everything is homemade.

5. Cookoomela Grill

I tricked my family into going to eat here by telling them that it’s a very popular gyros place amongst locals, that has vegan options too: gyros made of mushrooms. Strictly speaking, this is true. I just forgot to mention that actually, it’s all vegan and they don’t serve any meat. Shame on me, I know. But although my family was expecting meat, I don’t think I’ve ever seen my grandma this excited over food, exclaiming several times how surprised she was that it was so delicious.

6. Falafel House

I’ve had a lot of falafel, and this might be the best one I’ve had! Very authentic, the texture of the falafel was super moist and the flavour so good. They have several different flavours and you can choose to have a wrap or a bowl. The service is fast and the portions are very big!

7. Pantarei

The island of Aegina is just a short boat trip away from Athens, and it makes a lovely day trip. There’s great sightseeing and the atmosphere is a little more relaxed than Athens city centre. The island is small and has limited vegan options. I’m fairly sure this is the only restaurant to get a vegan burger on the island. The restaurant is not completely vegan, but the staff is very friendly and knows what vegan means. Order the vegetarian burger without the sauce, and enjoy your delicious meal out on their terrace with a lovely view over the port.